LOCATION Knowsley Safari Park, Merseyside or via Skype
TIME 09:00 to 11:00 (other option available upon request
Group Size   1 (you can add up to 2 more additional guests for £25 each)
  • A targeted review of our guests images by an experience professional tutor
  • The review can include specific external criteria for club competitions, qualification panels or competition entries
  • Entrance to Knowsley Safari Park (if attending in Knowsley)
  • Refreshments
  • Photographic Guide
  • PDF review Handout
Not Included
  •  Camera
  • Specialist food or drinks

It can sometimes be difficult to get a truly objective opinion on a photographic project or recent work, without the other persons personal views or preferences over shadowing good advice. We believe, at Wild Arena, we are able to give just such an objective critique.

Our personalized ‘1-to-1 Portfolio Review’ gives our guests a chance to bring in a set of work and have it objectively and constructively reviewed. We can consider if the images are being prepared for a specific application such as a club competition, qualification panel or competition entry and match our comments to external rules & criteria as required. We will also take into consideration the level of experience of our guests and set our views within this context.

Over a relaxed and informal 2-hour session we can review both, digital or printed work and will endeavor to reach constructive conclusions that will enable the photographer to see their work in context. We will complete a review assessment, which will include suggested points to consider for improvement.

The reviews normally take place at our base at Park Farm, Knowsley Safari Park but can also be booked as an extra to other events at alternative venues by special arrangement if that suits guests better geographically.

The goal of this session is a constructive, friendly and objective review of a guests work, considering any necessary external criteria and resulting in a review assessment.

Please note: Our ‘1-to-1 Portfolio Review’ sessions are designed to give honest, constructive and accurate feedback based on our views. Of course ultimately, these thoughts are merely a single opinion and may not necessarily conform to the views of others. It should be remembered that as a creative discipline, the merits of photographic work are always potentially subjective.

The timings for this session is to be agreed upon booking. The session duration is 2 hours.

  • Arrival with welcome tea/coffee and discussion on our guests work considering any relevant external criteria to be considered.

  • Work review.

  • Conclusions drawn and review assessment completed.

Dates are discussed to suit the participant and availability of the guide.

How to Book

To book please add your preferred date to the cart using the drop down calendar icon on the right hand side ‘Book Now’ tab to add to your cart , but also advise us of the month and best days of the week for you as this date may not be available.

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