LOCATION Knowsley Safari Park, Merseyside
TIME 09:00 to 15:00 or 09:00 to 12:00
Group Size   1 (you can add up to 2 more additional guests for £25 each)
  •  Great opportunities around the safari park with your guide
  • Fully bespoke day
  • Entrance to Knowsley Safari Park
  • Refreshments and Lunch (Lunch only available on the full day)
  • Photographic Guide
  • Handout
Not Included
  •  Camera
  • Specialist food or drinks

Our Base at Park Farm, in the Heart of the 450-acre Knowsley Safari Park provides a perfect location for taking a ‘1-to-1 Safari photography session’. With the help of a highly experienced professional guide and a massive range of exciting subjects we hope to be able to offer a session that will not only yield some rewarding images but also interesting learning opportunities too.

After arriving at the main safari Park entrance you will be met by your guide and tutor for the session and we can discuss a plan for the day over a tea/coffee. We are happy to be flexible with the itinerary to try and accommodate any individual goals you might have and can advise on the subjects that are likely to most productive on any given day. Potential subjects might include exclusive access to the parks Lion, Tiger and Wolf section before the park is open, special organized feeding for the Baboon troop and Elephants, Land Rover access to the reserves and VIP entry to the Equatorial trail enclosure.

Available in bothFull Day (6-hour) and Half Day AM (3-hour) variations, you can choose what option would suit you best. Both options include admission to the safari park and a sandwich lunch is included with our full day event. Half day sessions can also be combined with an afternoon 1-to-1 macro event, or even a mastering your camera 1-to-1 training session.


Full Day Itinerary

09.00: Arrival at the main Safari Park entrance where you will be met by your guide and escorted to the Wild arena training center at Park Farm.

09.15: Welcome tea/coffee and a brief discussion on the plan for the day.

09.30: First session including exclusive access to Lion, Tiger, Wolves, Elephants, Giraffe and Meerkats.

12.30: Lunch provided with your tutor.

13.30: Second session with a safari drive visiting the Antelope reserves, Baboon section, White Rhino, Buffalo, Eland and Zebra.

15.00: Summary & Close.

Half Day Itinerary

AM Session:

09.00: Arrival at the main Safari Park entrance where you will be met by your guide and escorted to the Wild arena training center at Park Farm.

09.15: Welcome tea/coffee and a brief discussion on the plan for the session.

09.45: Photography session around the park. We will see a variety of species likely to include: Lions, Tigers, Wolves, Baboons, Rhino, Antelope and Deer.

12:00: Summary & Close.

Guests will have the remainder of the day to spend at leisure in the park, if it is open. (It is possible that during the winter season, the park may not be open to the public, so non escorted access outside of the event timings will not be possible).

PLEASE NOTE: Our itineraries are listed as a guide and we may need to alter them depending on unforeseen circumstances, weather conditions or the availability of the subjects. Start and finish times are fixed to enable transport planning.

Dates are discussed to suit the participant and availability of the guide.

How to Book

To book please add your preferred date to the cart using the drop down calendar icon on the right hand side ‘Book Now’ tab to add to your cart. Please also advise us of the month and best days of the week for you as this date may not be available. For half day sessions add the date to the basket and use the voucher code ‘Half’ to get the correct price at the checkout.

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 1 review
September 15, 2017

I recently had a Safari 1 to 1 day at Knowsley Safari with WildArena, an early 9am start is more than worth it as it meant the first port of call was a behind the scenes visit.to the pride of lions before the park was open to the public, with help from the wilderness guide to get the best from my camera and a keeper to get the best from the lions it meant my memory card was filling up nicely right from the off. After photographing the bachelor males on foot we hopped back into the vehicle to go into the lion enclosure as the price was let out for the day. Positioning for the best shots and offering advice on coping with the fluctuating light conditions Janet was incredibly helpful making sure I didn’t miss anything.
Next stop was up to see the elusive Amur Tigers and we were very lucky to get them out and about for photos. We followed this with a drive around the Safari route ensuring we got the best positions for photos of the large mixed collection of Deer and Antelope en route through to spending time with the Crash of White Rhino including the very bouncy calf Nomvula – her antics are worth the entry fee alone. We then spent some time with the Baboons being able to photograph through the fence in close proximity whilst their keepers put out a feed for them, amazing social interaction and great to see them close up.
After a break for lunch we headed back to the foot safari for an encounter with the African Elephants and Giraffes – both of which we had some of their keepers available to help us ensure we got great access for photos amazingly close.
For me the biggest surprise of the day followed this when we were invited to join the keepers in the equatorial exhibit containing Sitatunga, Capybara and Tapirs,since the keepers brought them some tasty treats we were soon surrounded and when the keepers said to give theTapirs a good rub/scratch as they love it, I’ll admit I almost forgot about photography as I was trying to stop a tapir from falling asleep on my feet with pleasure – they really do love a tickle!!
After this we took a visit to the Iberian Wolves In their lovely new enclosure and although potentially elusive we were very fortunate to see them both and in a good place for some photos too.
Ended the day with a final spin around the safari drive again for a few last images.
The WildArena guide was hugely helpful and informative throughout the whole day with tips and camera help as well as making sure we got into the best possible positions for photographs.
Superb day out, thoroughly enjoyed myself and have a huge number of images to sort. Thanks Guys xx

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